Do you see me

Do you see me,
do you know me,
when you look at me,
what do you see,
there is more than
this human form,
there is an essence,
the embodiment of creation,
its aura perfect,
in all of us it is there
the seed of existence
the tendrils of life,
more than flesh and bone,
more than what you see,
I am all that ever was,
as you are all also,
flesh and bones decay,
what is within is everlasting,
cast in you by mother and father,
you and I are unique,
what do you see,
what do you know,
what we have been,
we will become again, the universe
is the spark that ignites
the amalgamate of the soul, the soul is forever,
there is joy in that.

©2013, Donald Harbour

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