About Donald

Not now Blanche (my darlin’ Luscious wants me to walk the dogs). I’m contemplating the lint between my big toe and the little fellow next to him. I really need to take a moment and ponder the question ‘About Donald’, it’s rather complicated.

You see my picture? I once was pretty, then I turned a corner and got mugged by time. Since that event I have become an advocate of living life to its fullest by seeking its quality not quantity. A mugging by age will transform a persons mortal core. The baggage of the years I carry has bent my personality. Stooped from too much indulgence in my youth and pummeled by indecision I am a whore to my opinions and a despot to my beliefs. They are different you know!

After many years of travel, living a good part of that time in Colorado and Arizona, I have returned to my roots. Damn things are getting rotten though. I live in Maumelle, Arkansas. Not too harsh winters, damp tornado springs, sultry summers and take your breath away autumns. I am a product of my environments. Educated by my indulgent whims and a jaundice university system, I now lay prostrate before the alter of indignation and exposure. You should know that I have never been embarrassed by my nudity whether literary, poetic, or literal. With a heritage that includes Scottish, Irish, Danish, English, German and a smidgen of Native American, on my mothers side, I sometimes feel my ancestors guiding my thoughts. That is a luxury I welcome and dearly appreciate.

If you, the reader and I should meet, I would invite you to sit with me in the shade of the giant Poplar tree commanding my backyard. You would always receive the outstretched hand of friendship given freely to all persons, creatures, and energies encountered. When you extend your hand in friendship without expectation, you are greeted and accepted as you are without reservation.

Once you were comfortable and at ease, I would turn to you and say; “You are indeed welcome to this home, let us sit, share a story, tell me about yourself, we will become friends.” We would have a glass of wine, two fingers of Old Charter, tea, coffee, or what ever your fancy desires. A Mint Julep perhaps to soothe your soul. The yard and trees are full of birds. How I love their sounds.

You may or may not like or understand what I have written. I have so many years and wondrous moments of life to tell. My wish is that you will have an emotion invoked that may ease the baggage of your life travails. May you find comfort in our brief poetic encounter. I am giving of myself in these pages so that you may better understand one man’s journey and help you understand yourself. Poetry can do that. Yes, it is rather presumptive. But then this is who I am. This blog “Donald Harbour” is about me, about you and all the things that have been crawling around in my mind since humans popped out of the primordial soup.

I have come to like myself. I hope that your do too. Peace. Enjoy!


19 thoughts on “About Donald

  1. Donald, thank you for your incredibly encouraging words. I humbly receive them as reassurance that I am to continue on my artistic pathway. I do feel very mortal myself. Maybe that’s where the inspiration comes from. I see that you do not lack any inspiration yourself 🙂


  2. Come North, young man come North. You will perhaps, find a respite from your gifted speaking and writing and enjoy the crisp evenings with our myriad birds.
    I drink from your wonderous expressions of life as only another traveler can.
    You, are a gift to me today. To many others, another day. Be true to your art and talent. It is breath taking and life giving.


  3. I am trying to locate/communicate with the Don Harbour that was an Account Executive (as was I) at Pittman & Associates in Hot Springs, Arkansas…circa 1978… If you are he….please send me and e-mail and include a current phone # .
    Thank You.

    PS: Enjoyed reading your stuff…..Pip
    My E-Mail Address is : pipstudenberg@gmail.com


  4. So refreshing, intimate, and honest! Thank you so much for sharing. I’d love to be able to sit with you under that giant Poplar tree, but barring that, I’ll simply read your blog and get to know you that way. By the way, you’ve made me feel inspired to revisit my own very boring “about me” and open up, as you have done. So, thanks again.


  5. As I indicated last night, I found this site today. This is actually Dianna though coming from Suzy’s computer. I will be sure to have Phillip check out your face as well. Although his face has been covered bya beard, once almost black and now almost completely white, the two of you seem to have the same dent in your chin. I am wondering now if that is a HOLST thing? I will look forward to further exploration. For now I am called to the bubbalicious grandson, Peter Joel, who will be one year old tomorrow! Mama and big sister Madelyn are off for Madelyn to be fitted for her flower girl dress for an upcoming wedding…big mistake for the bride as our very own Divine Miss M will steal the show from the bride! 🙂 She is nearly three and truly a diva. She has quite the flair for drama that she must have gotten from her great uncle Kenneth! She keeps us all very well entertained and often shaking or scratching our heads at her antics and observations. Out of the mouths of babes!


  6. Tus palabras enriquecen nuestra mente. Love your introduction about Donald, so simple, encouraging and rich. I’m happy that we are family. No matter how far. I will hope one day we will meet in person and drink few glasses of wine under the tree, with birds singing around.


  7. Mon cher Donald,
    Last night was the first time that I read your poetry, actually around 1:30 a.m. I was actually blown away. My heart was palpitating with “no sé qué…I was so excited and moved by your poetry that I could not fall asleep. Your poetry reminded me of when I first experienced the leaf changing season here in Vermont. My heart began to palpitate, and I scarce could take it in. I got the same feeling reading your poetry, I got the same “I scarce could take it in” feeling. My personal intellectual challenge is to read your poems over and over again, digest them, and share them with others through your blogg. I will send those on birds, to my son, Kevin in Hawaii, a great ornithologist, as his avocation; to my husband, Arnold, a fellow poet, and to my daughters, Leslie and Kimberly. I will share those on spirituality with my son, Chris, also in Hawaii.

    Last night, your spirit introduced me to your soul. I thank you, (Namaste), for inviting me into your spiritual realm. You are truly a great philosopher and observer of life on this Planet Earth.

    P.S. Your Spanish is picture perfect, accent marks and all. ¡Te felicito!


  8. Shirley, thank you so very much for your kind comments. One of the greatest compliments a poet can receive is that his poetry has touched a persons emotions and found connection. I am honored that you have so enjoyed my writing. You are welcome to forward or use the poems in any manner. I would very much like to correspond with you on the de Chabert side of the family. My great-great-grandmother was Ida Elize Jeanette Chabert daughter of Charles Texier Chabert. . I look forward to hearing from you. Jose Chabert, in Puerto Rico, and I have corresponded quite a bit but I am afraid I have exhausted his knowledge of the family.


  9. “Educated by my indulgent whims and a jaundice university system, I now lay prostrate before the alter of indignation and exposure.”

    Sooooooooooo you blame yourself for that mugshot?:)

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