Winter change

Ahh, yes! So there you are. I see you snow.

The gathering voice of old man winter,
summoned the icy north-wind to blow.

Gently shaking, each oak limb trembles,
scattering a mosaic color carpet below.

The leaves a membrane for the season,
left over from the year’s autumn show.

Now nature is snug beneath its blanket,
Awaiting December’s first quiet snow.

©2011, Donald Harbour

6 thoughts on “Winter change

  1. I like the ‘thoughts’ substituted for ‘comments’. Funny how changing a single word changes the entire mood.
    I enjoyed the caption on the photograph — made me laugh. The snow makes the final stanza my favourite. I was excited at the thought of snow here, but Atlanta has a way of escaping whatever happens around it.
    Mmm. I just reread the poem and love the way each stanza shifts to the next, each one depends on the previous. Nice.



  2. Hello Donald: seems we both turned to nature for this prompt. The words seem to naturally lead there for me.

    Your poemlets stand well alone and work together as a unified whole. The end rhymes on the second line of each couplet are well-executed. The imagery in each one is gorgeous.



  3. Donald, this makes me homesick for a snow-covered winter. Beautiful imagery. It has been in the mid 70’s here during the day, and in the 30’s at night. I really don’t adjust well to not seeing the changes of the seasons. *sigh*



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