Martini bar weekend

Everyone knew her,
Everyone talked about her.
She had the stuff,
She had it all together.
A hidden tattoo here,
A hidden tattoo there,
She had agenda, an attitude,
It earned her a pseudonym,
She put out when she was high,
Or drunk,
Or dumb.
But she was smart,
She was edddduuuucated.
She had a future,
A martini bar weekend,
She hooked up with the wrong man,
Got the piss beat out of her.
Once she was a beauty,
But shit look at her face now,
It was rearranged, to the left.
Just wanted to have some fun.
Just wanted to be noticed.
Oh, and there is that thing,
That virus contracted,
That will not go away,
That cannot be cured.
Now, who will want her?
But damn, what a wonderful,
Martini bar weekend.

© 2011, Donald Harbour


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