Bite me baby! Ooooh, feels good.

Masticate me baby! Ooooh, feels good.

Collaboration, abomination,
Mental fornication.
Hesitation, castigation,
Limpid poetic evitation.
Regurgitation, computation
Passive mental rumination.
Concentration, lubrication,
Uninspired reduplication.
Frustration, preparation,
Left-side brain navigation.
Fruition, fascination,
Blinded by dulled sensation.
Dilapidation, retardation,
Fundamental education.
Presentation, perspiration,
Writers block motivation.
Duration, vacation,
Bored poet bus-station.
Levitation, transformation,
Find your own explanation.
Consideration, destination,
Talent exposed denunciation.
Effigiation, defedation,
Word ending iteration.

Copyright:   2010,  Donald Harbour

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