Unanswered battle prayer

Helping a buddy, photographer unknown.

Helping a buddy. Author: Unknown.

God, I once saw your face,
in the burning corpse of a child.
The incense of flesh, your fragrance,
haunts my senses, my memory,

God, I saw the pieces of your creation
posed in scattered blasted bits, blood of life.
They spilled across the jungle green
a backdrop to my constant dreams.

God, I heard the cries for you,
in the hell of cordite and hot metal.
Prayers to you to help, to heal
to stop the pain, the hurt, the madness.

God, you did not answer or care,
you turned your back, hid your face.
Death hypocrite, unanswered plea for life,
unanswered,  silent, apocalyptic deaf mute  .

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour

6 thoughts on “Unanswered battle prayer

  1. Thoughts disappear in writing like this, all that is left is emotion. Deep sadness and pain with a strong feeling of being alone and lost. I (strangely) enjoyed the connection.


  2. So powerful, inspiring such outrage, anger, pain. Especially moving today. I don’t know who God is conceived as being, that so much horror can be perpetrated in his name.


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