Remind Me

Why do you read this poetry?
Is it to peek-a-boo
Into my mind?
The cesspool of the past,
The tangled vines of love,
The dark roiling water of desire?
Seek you yourself in these
Passages, these verses,
These offal of life?
I am your companion,
Here clasp my hand.
Walk with me,
Look you for the dark shadow,
It would do you harm.
Learn from it,
Feel the lesson in it’s passage.
There is a light I offer,
The glow is a single thought,
The warmth of it pulses.
Can you feel it in your veins?
It pushes you onward,
Do not wait for me.
I will meet you in the morrow,
You will see the sunrise and rejoice.
We all walk the same path,
Our footsteps heavy laden,
With the transgressions of our journey.
The glory of the moment,
Is the joy of your heart.

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour

1 thought on “Remind Me

  1. The glory of the moment,
    Is the joy of your “(My)” heart.

    Dear sir,
    I don’t why I like that two line…….

    Thanx & Respect


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