A yin without a yang

late one night
in the full moonlight
i saw a yin walking

to describe it well
is very difficult to tell
so I followed discreetly stalking

a yin without a yang
is a lost and lonely thing
as it strolled silently searching

it had fallen from a wuji
having lost its taiji
thus into the night it went sulking

there are people who think
yin yang a good and evil link
but that is not truly the meaning

without day there is not night
without dark there is not light
opposites make the obscure revealing

yin is the tranquil
yang is the upheaval
the balance of things changing

everything has duality
opposites of a single reality
a natural cycle of forces flowing.

as with sister and brother
with in us is the seed of the other
finding balance and yet opposing

seek in yourself where all things lie
as surely as they exist I am you and you are I
everlasting  taijitu the yin yang entwining

Copyright: 2010, Donald Harbour