A constant flame

In my heart is a candle
ever burning steady and brightly.
It knows not a tempest swell
nor does it harken to breezes.
The flame paints each shadow
illuminating with golden hues.
Those darkest recessed corners
brightened by its flickering warmth.
This unblemished eternal taper
stands against the snuffer of time.
How can it be that a mere man
could come to know such wonderful love?

©2012, Donald Harbour


Sharks and Barracudas always take the bait

she opened and closed
her mouth, a fish
out of water, gasping
for the air of life….
the angler deftly
chummed the moment:

“I did not do what
you wanted, because,
I did not want to do it!”

a ripple on the placid surface
of mental juxtaposition,
chanced dead reckoning
into an attitudinal tidal wave,
a fornication of latitude,
the belaying pin clubbing of
a constipated personal dilemma,
hooked, gutted, cleaned, and,
oh so… delicious to devour,
verbal sake soaked sashimi,
commented and parsed
on a sinker leaded  line….
a dysfunctional relationship
cast into the depths, it is
a soon to be swallowed
dangling morsel of raw fleshy

©2012, Donald Harbour

This I know

My wife Irma.

I do not know my worth,
That is for others to value.
I do know what is in my heart,
And what is in your smile.
If the world came to an end,
If today was our last,
This moment would be as always,
To take this into eternity,
All that I have to give.
Is not worldly bonds,
Is not a promise or gift,
It is an everlasting possession,
All there has ever been,
That I have ever needed,
That has nourished me,
Manna, which has succored me,
In sorrow, pain, and defeat,
In joy, triumph, and peace,
It is you, my cherished wife,
With my life, I love you.
By my last breathe,
That is enough for me.

© 2021, Donald Harbour

One two three

when there was one
there was peace
a harmony in time
all things were one
one with the universe
one of a kind
only one that matters
one night one day
then there were two
flint and steel two
yin and yang two
plus and minus two
yours and mine two
he and she two
two make three
with three no one
there was no two
night became day
day became night
three mattered
more than one or two
no equality in three
somewhere in the process
of mathematical addition
the numbers confused
night and day became universe
yours-mine he-she us
harmony was commitment
peace was a toy
three a quantum theorem
three a family

© 2010, Donald Harbour