My boot upon her back

This poem is written in celebration of Earth Day, 2011 – with love  for Gaia.

she lays before me
bare breasted
those lusty mountains
skirting the temptation
of a flat dimpled plain
with her loins
strong as coastal shores
she calls to me
her suffering body
suckling her children
taking their abuse
she persists in her love
gathering all of them
into the folded crooks
of her bridled arms
she blossoms in spring
wears a girdle in autumn
is a cold scornful woman in winter
frolicks in the summer sun
she possess all the seasons
holds unknown wisdom
this tempestuous creature
where the seeds of life
swim in the fluids
of her sheltering being
I too love her
though I have placed
my boot upon her back
she cries not
her lack of tears
shames me rips at my heart
I am a lesser man
as are all men for what
they have done to her
yet she accepts us back
Mother Earth always forgives

© 2011, Donald Harbour