What do you know

Far from sky and earth
passing galaxies of neurons
through a vast pallium void
there is a tranquil place
shimmering with rainbow colors
feeding creations’ furnace
a place that beckons
flirting with natures’ meaning,
a place that knows no master
nor is itself a master,
it lies so distant, yet
complete a circle of being
and it is there, barely awake,
incomprehensible, tolerant,
holding within all that can be,
cerebrum volute dreams of forever,
what it knows is unknown,
there to be freely taken, if only
we would open its door.

©2013, Donald Harbour

Not knowing is salvation

I met a man,
researching his genealogy.
He said he was looking
for his past, his history.
I said: “And, when you find it,
what will you do with it?”
He replied: “I don’t know!”
Sometimes not knowing who we are,
is the only salvation we have.

©2011, Donald Harbour