The enigmas of Mars


with Curiosity humans peered
the scene is desolate
a dry bed of sand and pebbles
water once flowed here
there was life in abundance
now replaced by the events of time
eons of the past brought change
only thin aired breezes whisper
days are burning hot
nights frigid numbing cold
what was before now lies dormant
hiding in deep recesses of rock
adapting becoming resilient
waiting for birthing moisture
and while life suspended abides
the red planet continues its course
until man’s machines disturbed the slumber
awakening the enigmas of Mars

©2012, Donald Harbour

Star voyager

Worlds Collide - Digital Art by Donald Harbour

Some nights, when I close my eyes,
Standing beneath the stars of forever,
I am taken up to fly to distant places,
Soaring through and between the planets.
Let it not be said that we are rooted,
Creatures held upon the soil of earth,
We are but the remnants of what was,
The cause of what is to be, someday.
There, point your finger toward the night,
Reach out your hand and grasp the heavens,
Inhale the scent of destiny’s purpose,
Understand that you are the mere shadow,
That fleshy shadow that has only tasted
The minutest particle of the infinite feast,
Unable to dine at the table of creation,
Until you come to believe its possibilities.

© 2011, Donald Harbour