how does one measure a life
what standard would rule
distanced by infinite imagination
tread by finite footfalls
what would then be a life
all creation in a grain of sand
the gaping calculated universe
where does a life begin, end
contained in this chair
this room lined by walls
limited by the horizon
does life circle upon its self
could one travel its distance
to find a life’s beginning

©2011, Donald Harbour

No beginning, no ending

Tibetan endless knot

There is no beginning, there is no ending, there is only existance.

that which is unknown
that which cannot be known
gathered up the ends of eternity
binding the path of spirituality
with the undulations of time
capturing its changing movement
gathered it all together
interweaving with serenity
into the endless knot of infinity
the knot had no beginning
nor did it have an ending
there laid it upon the divine
that which is infinite wisdom
became the matter of creation
in the emptiness of existence
began the endless cycle
suffering birth death re-birth
inseparable from its ritual of being
that became compassion
giving light and meaning to the void

© 2011, Donald Harbour