Build A Bridge

Suppose some one said to you,
“You can build a bridge,
A bridge to where ever you want.”
Where would you build it?
Would it be from the shore of criticism,
To the shore of appreciation?
From the slum of intolerance,
To the beaches of acceptance?
Or would you be more lofty?
A span from ideological conflict,
To the high peaks of understanding?
Maybe from the sewer of immorality,
To the hope of boundless charity.
Where would you build it?
Would you even know how to begin?
Maybe – just maybe if you pick up,
One stone and asked others to help,
You could begin to make such,
A magnificent structure.
You might include our sisters and brothers,
All the other creatures on this planet,
They would help if you give them the chance.
Oh! That would be so very marvelous.
You know, you can build a bridge.
You can!
It only takes one person to begin.
One stone, others will follow.
When will you start?

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour