My dogs won’t be guiet

There are times
when I am most interested
by the conversation of,
my old dogs barking.

Trekking through the woods
or plowing a field
they are always talking,
my old dogs barking.

When we take a stroll
down cement and asphalt
they are insistent critters,
my old dogs barking.

Remove the leather leash
lay them down on the porch
there is silent reproach from,
my old dogs barking.

Grab some soap and water
wash away their days dirt
yet still they whine,
my old dogs barking.

We have traveled many miles
seen sights seen by few
they were there,companions,
my old dogs barking.

When I am placed in the grave
when my burden is laid low
it will be the only rest I get from,
my old dogs barking.

©2012, Donald Harbour

What you don’t eat can kill you

Darn, I got it on my hand
And I flung it on the floor,
Reached out to steady myself
And smeared it on the door.
Slipping on a piece of it
I fell and hit my head,
Had to go to the doc
And spent a day in bed.
Then, an odor so distinct
Came wafting down the hall.
Someone was surely cooking
The stuff the made me fall.
I put on my house shoes
Dressed up in a woolen robe,
Stormed out of the bed sheets
Stumbling through my dark abode.
There in the kitchen
Staring up from a frying pan,
Was the same little critter
That had stuck to my hand.
It bubbled in its juices
Among onions and garlic too,
Sliced and diced little pieces
Of white and grayish blue.
Then it occurred to me
This was an appropriate fate,
So I gathered up a knife and fork
Scooping a portion on my plate,
I sat down with a jug of wine, and
Every bite of that damn squid I ate.

©2011, Donald Harbour

A Dog’s Life

Our family dogs are very special members of the pack. Ever waiting, ever giving, they are a joy of life. This poem is for them. Their website is at:


Aengus and Baxter take time to smell the roses!

I have waited all day,
Patiently, in the house.
The sounds outside interesting,
Though some of them strange.
I have lifted my head
Listening to sidewalk footsteps.
I thought it might be you,
They were not.
Twice I wandered to the yard,
Feeling the grass tickling,
Smelling the flowers and dew.
All the loose things lying about,
I picked them up and
Move them, several times.
I ate or drank when I wanted,
Though I did not have a hunger.
The phone rang four times,
I did not answer it.
My only interest is you,
You complete my day,
For you I live and long.
The neighbor cat visited.
It walked the window ledge,
Peering in at me,
But it has no motivation,
It’s just a stupid cat.
The radio has been on,
At least there are voices.
The clock inside me is ringing,
I know that you will be here,
The thought of you makes me quiver,
Then I hear the key in the door,
I hear the rustle of your clothes,
Your scent fills my lungs.
And there you are.
I am so happy I could burst.
You reach for me,
Take my face in your hands,
Saying, “Hey boy, how was your day.”
It is good now,
You are home.

©2011, Donald Harbour

A monkey, a flagpole and Russia

This poem is written in Cascade form.


the monkey climbed a flag pole
with a single tea bag held in its hand
exclaiming I can see Russia from here

with both feet tucked in its mouth
rising above the rabble far below
the monkey climbed a flag pole

about causes it chattered and screeched
in words most inarticulate and grand
with a single tea bag held  in its hand

at the top the monkey gazed in confusion
across a vast frozen land soon to disappear
exclaiming I can see Russia from here.

©2010, Donald Harbour

How smart is your crow?

I once saw a murder of crows hanging upside down on a telephone line.
Having a knowledge of how to speak crow I asked:
”Hey dudes, why are you hanging upside down?”
They cackled, as crows do, and said:
” To get a human perspective of the world.”
Crows are so damn smart!

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour