Baptism of life

Storms rolled in last night,
I have not slept much,
Not because they were disturbing
No, I marvel at their sounds,
Thor dashing bolts between clouds
Then clearing his throat,
The gentle patter of rain,
Nourishing tears from Freya,
The earth does not rebel, it basks,
Turning its face to the roiling sky,
Accepting the moisture on parched lips,
I wonder why humans avoid storms,
Huddling beneath canvas canopies,
Scurrying from the gods gift,
Complaining when it arrives,
Then complaining when there is none,
Maybe that is why there are droughts,
Punishment for not accepting the gift,
Last night there was forgiveness,
Standing in the backyard, drenched,
I gave thanks in wondrous joy,
Pleasured by Mother Natures love,
Bathed in her life-giving baptism.

2013, Donald Harbour