Fallen sparrow

A small sparrow fell out of the sky today,
I held it in the palm of my hand,
Until it was well enough to fly away.

©2015, Donald Harbour

Cartwheeling through the air

A flash against the azure hue,
I watch and marvel at the sight,
I watch and thrill at the arc
of each arrow perfect flight.
Spiraling to challenge clouds,
a skilled agile shining corsair,
an aerial performing acrobat,
cartwheeling through the air.
I wish that I were born different,
I wish that I could take flight too,
then I could have the fanciful fun,
as my feathered friend Grackles do.

©2013, Donald Harbour

The night I learned

It seems like a dream,
but then that’s only how
it seems. Truth is more
than a dream could ever be,
for there were others there,
the truth, they too could see.
Still, disbelief is a malady
that haunts the mind when,
one does not believe what
eyes and mind truly see.
My eyes saw tree tops
far below, and mountain tops
covered with winter fresh snow.
There were street lights,
aglow orange and yellow.
All were there beneath me,
so very, very, far below.
The frightening thing is,
how to stop when you soar past
those majestic mountain tops.
One must concentrate on lightness,
concentrate on air and feathers,
the space where ducks and birds
gather. Know with all your
might, you are one of them
flying through the starlit night.
Kindred aviators drawn together
by a dream like state.
Some would say it is a lie,
it cannot be done, it’s not human fate.
I know it’s true! I’m the one
that lived it, the night
I learned to levitate.
Ah! You are a nonbeliever.
But here is proof if this you’ll do.
On a full moon night,
in the amber lunar light,
when a shadow casts an inky blue,
think about me, then look-up,
you may find me high above, smiling,
and waving, looking down at you!
Honest, trust me! It’s true.

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour