Lordy, lordy it’s all good

She’s a two ton woman
in a two pound sack,
Walked out the door
she ain’t comin’ back,
Went up the river
to that Memphis town,
Got herself a new man
so she could fool around,

And It’s all good,
it’s all good, lordy,
lordy, lordy, it’s all good.

One side of my bed
hangs down to the floor,
Now I ain’t got a debt
at the grocery store,
My buddies say hey man
where you’ll been,
Without that big ole woman
they can see me again,

And it’s all good,
it’s all good, lordy,
lordy, lordy it’s all good.

Went to the bar
last Saturday night,
Found me a skinny girl
to hold me tight,
She said she would never
leave me alone,
Oh yeah, that meat is
sweeter close to the bone,

And it’s all good,
it’s all good, lordy,
lordy, lordy it’s all good.

©2014, Donald Harbour

That moment

There it is, that moment,
That gut felt knot, a pause,
Neither person speaks, then,
You think: “I feel so wooden”,
Dancing violates private space,
You both strain to be held,
But, there it is, uncomfortable,
A suppressed panic attack rises,
The dance floor a grassy plain,
Tugging at your feet, entangling,
No more gliding steps, stumbling,
Arms, legs, every joint, hinged,
A tenuous relationship, splintered,
Your emotionless faces, blank,
Carved representations of dance,
Still, there is something in touch,
A gentle palm resting on the back,
A brush of breast to chest,
A skirted thigh caressing thigh,
Cheeks that show a slight blush,
Quickened breathing, parted lips,
Body heat mixing aftershave, perfume,
In an instant its just you two,
Wrapped in a glowing amber mist,
You both know, together, you feel,
Neither person speaks, then,
That gut burning sensation, attraction,
There it is, that moment.

©2011, Donald Harbour