From the corner of my eye
I could see black birds feasting,
No flesh wasted that is consumed.
The world turned on its axis,
The sun racing the seasons,
No day wasted that has not dawned.
Somewhere it is raining,
Falling upon mother’s breast,
No plant wasted that is suckled.
Two lovers entwine their souls,
A kiss to seal their vow,
No commitment is wasted by passion.
Time arrives in each beggars hand,
It is the taker of immortality,
No moment is wasted by eternity.
Staring in the eyes of a baby,
Feeling the grasp of a tiny hand,
No one is wasted by redemption.
Around each of us there is reason,
Cause to inhale the miracle of life,
No choice is wasted that is given.

©2011, Donald Harbour

Flirty Bird

Flirty Bird was a fire wino
she danced through flames
trod burning cinders under foot
mocked the heat and hot gases
Flirty Bird did not care
drunk with the crackling song
urged by a fanciful desire
the inferno rushed round her
ever changing, ever consuming
pushing back the night
baking the soil and rocks
clawing at her flesh
searing her excited breath
Flirty Bird held a blackened match
a sensuous smile parting her lips
she was in love with its presence
Flirty Bird fell into the sparks
wrapped in their glowing passion
the moment was her fanatic choice
Flirty Bird alone had started it
with that one look and now
she would burn and so would he
forever besotted  in a crimson bed.

© 2011, Donald Harbour