Please forgive me darlin’,
You see, I’m only a man,
The rules for everything I’ll be,
Are written in shifting sand.

I’ve loved one woman forever,
Always loving you is what I do,
This temple built on my hill of life,
Was built from a dream of only you

I know my time is coming,
My sunset just over the next hill,
When the night falls upon me,
My constant love will be yours still.

The past will judge me unfairly,
The future cannot be known,
Today is all I have to give,
Tomorrow is yours alone.

2023, Donald C Harbour


3 thoughts on “Lament

  1. Might say the same if differently. Well actually I have been for some while now. Not the same as once it was. Like many are, afflicted and blessed in one breath. If could I would sit in the shade of that great tree, pair some notes with you, appreciate – because what else to do. Albeit, me beside the sea, my second home. Nice writing by the way.

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  2. I liked that one Donald. I think writing song lyrics is far easier that poetry that has to stand on its own, without the support of a tune.


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