We travel the same road

I see you, you’ve become
dust floating in the air,
particles riding sunlight,
going somewhere but,
never knowing, where
somewhere is, until arriving.
Memory is an unforgiving
trickster, a smithy, at
a forge shaping the raw
steel of our lives, then
scraping it to the past.
The river of our existence
flows against time’s current,
flawlessly, impeccably, unerringly
toward a crossroads with destiny.
I believe you are there, unseen,
standing in the shadow of who you were.
That is what you have left us,
shadow memories, dust particles,
a roaring deluge of love,
the steel of your friendship.
This the only compromise that life,
has left to guide all of us,
to somewhere.

2021, Donald Harbour

9 thoughts on “We travel the same road

  1. I enjoyed this and have reread it carefully Donald. And I’ll add that it was a pleasant surprise to see your post pop up in my WordPress feed this morning … I seem to have missed a couple for some reason, and have just been reading those too.

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  2. Thank you Paula, I appreciate your comment. I would wish I did understand it. Can an enigma be part of it’s understanding? The three pounds of grey matter on our shoulders defines our knowledge, we can only glimpse the possibilities of it’s solution.


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