Cartwheeling through the air

A flash against the azure hue,
I watch and marvel at the sight,
I watch and thrill at the arc
of each arrow perfect flight.
Spiraling to challenge clouds,
a skilled agile shining corsair,
an aerial performing acrobat,
cartwheeling through the air.
I wish that I were born different,
I wish that I could take flight too,
then I could have the fanciful fun,
as my feathered friend Grackles do.

©2013, Donald Harbour


8 thoughts on “Cartwheeling through the air

  1. Grackles are a form of black bird, similar to crows, that we have in the southern US. I love watching them and their social interactions. Viv, I am glad you liked the poem.


  2. I just wiki’d Grackle, and the Iridescent sort are beautiful. How lovely – a beautiful poem and I learned something new. Wonders. Wonders. 🙂


  3. They are much more fun to watch than to listen to. I like your repetition patterns in this. I think they help to create the visual of aerobatics. Thank you for the visit and comment at my place.


  4. I’m generally a sucker for any crow / raven/ black birdy type work and, sadly, am often disappointed. Not here, though; this does not disappoint my high standard. Well done


  5. I like the lively and good-natured feeling to this poem. I also think it’s well-done how the language leads the reader through the vivid movements of the poem, who doesn’t know what exactly the subject is until the very end.


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