I write because

A poetry prompt group in which I participate, We Write Poems, wants us to write a line poem about: “I write (because).”  There are many reasons why one writes, however the greatest is most likely an inner urge that needs satisfaction and the pure pleasure of putting thought to written word. So here are my thoughts, some of them, the others I will keep to myself. I like to be a little unpredictable.


I write to express my contentious and clamoring inner voice.
I write to better understand humanity, the world, and our place in it, and why emotion becomes an insipid event for those who do not understand poetic verse.
I write to define how life’s emotions impact our relationship with self.
I write to paint a vivid memory upon the wheel of time.
I write to fulfill the artistic side of my nature with creation my canvas,
words my pallet, and poetic form my brush.
I write to leave a lasting evidence of my journey through this moment of existence.
I write so that my words might be a light for others to find their way.
I write to satisfy a natural urge, as one needs food to survive, poetry is the  sustenance to my soul.
I write to say somethings that need to be said and are better said in a poetic verse regardless of where the chips fall.
I write because Gaea and I find it is a spiritual experience that enlightens us together.
I write because there is wonder in the diversity of words and their challenging meanings.
I write because I find camaraderie, and appreciation in the company of poetry and poets.
I write because other than my darling wife Luscious, poetry is my literary mistress full of beauty and gratification.

©2012, Donald Harbour

11 thoughts on “I write because

  1. Viv, as we say in the states: “Just yanking your chain!” After all it’s Halloween here, a very pagan celebration that originated in Europe. We tell our children that too much candy is bad for you then shove handfuls in there waiting large bags on Trick or Treat night. Thanks for you comment.


  2. What a wonderful list, Donald. So very well done to prompt. Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my work. I like this prompt, but simply didn’t have time to write.

    Feliz dia de Muertos,



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  4. I found myself shouting “Amen!” or “Me too” to a good half of your poem. Especially these lines:

    “to better understand humanity, the world, and our place in it”
    “to leave a lasting evidence of my journey through this moment of existence”
    “to paint a vivid memory upon the wheel of time”
    “so that my words might be a light for others to find their way”

    I think besides communication, a common desire is understanding our world, as well as to leave something of ourselves behind. Jim Morrison once said that he wanted to explode on the night sky like a shooting star and never be forgotten – ever. No matter whether we be famous, or locally known, or infamous, we humans tend to desire to know and be known in a lasting way. Sometimes, the desire to leave things behind manifests children. Since my fiance and I won’t be having children, my lasting evidence will be left through my words. And your lasting evidence remains here in the blogosphere. And oh, what a read.



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