Lost in your moment

The blistering heat of summer
has been replaced by
the cool mint of your smile
the rush of day slowed
halted by your gentle breeze
you linger in my thoughts
the wisp of your memory
the manna that feeds me
where the sun is a keen knife
your touch dulls the blade
even in the sweat of a moment
you are a clear mountain pool
a reflection of winter’s beauty
now life sustaining, giving
why were you made perfect
and, why are you among mortals
writing words speaks not of you
only being in your presence
defines your immense treasure
summoning the glory of your love.

©2012, Donald Harbour

3 thoughts on “Lost in your moment

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to be so in love?! Your poem made me smile, just thinking of how lucky we humans are to be allowed to experience emotions the way we do.


  2. This is absolutely lovely. I love the interplay between heat and coolness. We’re so used to love being described as heat, but this felt so much more substantive. Pure bliss to read!


  3. The immense power of human emotion, wanting love, wanting to love. From the most powerful man to the building site labourer, all are influenced every minute of every day by the power of its undeniable need. Your poem, I think describes how you see that emotion called love. Nicely written.


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