Someone made a mistake

there must have been a mistake
a quirk of an evolutionary misstep
somewhere between the beginning
and tomorrow there is only its existence
a creature on a bumbling journey
foolishly looking for its holy grail
searching for reason to why it has life
it is the futility of the species
a diagnosis of disastrous history
its guidance the contradiction of self
indecisive in its differences
hostile to its grand possibilities.
its character an abomination of nature
blinded by the wickedness of religion
it assaults the walls of diversity
clamors for the destruction of intellect
it has a myopic understanding of reality
it is a moral oxymoron conundrum
this pestilence of nature humankind.

©2012, Donald Harbour

2 thoughts on “Someone made a mistake

  1. What a worthy description. Lots of morality is done in the name of religion. That one stuck out amongst others. Love the title. A good poem Donald.


  2. So sad but true, our large ego that we are top of the chain, with groups separated by colour, race, religion, wealth, or intellect all thinking they are a cut above the rest. How disappointed they must be, the ones who intervened somewhere between the bubbling mud, and tomorrow. Love this poem Donald; wish I had your grasp of the English language.


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