Bradford Pear, closeup of flower cluster, shot 1.

Bradford Pear blossoms

There it is, that peculiar odor. An announcement heralding an arrival. This slap to the olfactories is a smelling salt of sweet scent mingled with decaying flesh. It proclaims spring to be sprung, buds to have blossomed, inoculating, scintillating, resonating the seasonal change. Everywhere it has laid a bland canopy of white. And, that is the only, the one and only salvation for the annual foliage of the Bradford Pear tree.

When there is passing
buzzard winds clean the bone
flowers will grow.

©2012, Donald Harbour

Haibun is a composition that combines a paragraph of prose in tangential or oblique relationship with a haiku poem. For We Write Poems prompt.

7 thoughts on “Odoriferous

  1. Wonderfully written. I can see it, bright white, and smell it. Sweet spring after stark winter. Tremendous haiku to distill it all into one feeling.


  2. Striking haiku and I like your use of contrast there and throughout, e.g., here: “a smelling salt of sweet scent mingled with decaying flesh.” The blossoms are so pretty…


  3. “bland canopy” yep.
    Cracking badly-thought-out beauties, those Bradfords. I like the fall colors, though.


  4. I really like this Donald…Spring is in the air even up in th mountains with a few feet of snow….but it will be here when it is ready ..cheers


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