Reflections are not truth

life is always viewed
through the windows of the mind,
it is transformed, distorted
by the panes of perception,
becoming twisted reflections
filtered through a collage
of dust, streaks, fly specks,
hand prints, spittle, grime,
the imperfection of glass,
the baggage of living is
our collected experiences
that shape our beliefs
form what we become,
that film on the window panes,
there because we learn by it,
learn to be misjudged
tell misconceived lies,
feel anguish of disappointment,
view ourselves as we
believe we are seen,
it is a two-way street,
what we perceive
will also be perceived,
and, that is the danger,
reflections are false images,
beyond their dance is truth,
as surely as we digest them,
what is expelled is not the same,
what it once was, indistinguishable,
our frame of references,
our reflections have become,
the nutrient for another mind’s
fertile view of its reality.

A note about this poem: It is based on ‘one’s frame of reference’ that is taken from the psychological theory of Gestalt. We all have one, the trick is recognizing it and dealing with it.

©2011, Donald Harbour

9 thoughts on “Reflections are not truth

  1. first….Donald you must stay foccused when seeing reflections…then no need to re post….or not as much brandy….however as usuall…well done and I really enjoyed reading your words as I look out into the mountains on a CLEAR crisp winter morning….cheers


  2. And the very phenomenon I’ve witnessed while reading everyone else’s poems — how we all saw something different in the same image — underscores exactly the point of your poem. And how vividly our emotions color what we each saw in that image.

    Well done.



  3. Interesting Donald. Is this why we gather you suppose? Any single point of view is just that , only one. However taken in sum – might that be the whole elephant tip to tail? And yes, I much like the rhythm within this poem; it really carries the words. Thanks.



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