Votary of Mother Nature

The bog at Two Rivers Park

an old acquaintance is waiting
offering an unspoken friendship
some say he has counted a century
though he never seems to age
a silent friend with offerings
a gentle cradle for creatures
food for the less fortunate
a place to stop and rest
refuge for any so inclined
never demanding always giving
many pass by him never noticing
never seeing how marvelous he is
I visit with him at every chance
luxuriate in his unwritten wisdom
he meets seasons without complaint
changing his attire to suit need
his face a placid reflection
his past an uncomplicated story
everything in his space grows
protecting him watching over him
finding nurturing in his being
moments in his presence peaceful
tearing away the anxiety of life
there are those who wish him gone
finding no excuse or place for him
yet he is a nonplussed constant
surviving flood, fire, and wind
a protected votary of Mother Nature
this ancient aged bog of Two Rivers.

©2011, Donald Harbour

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