A Dog’s Life

Our family dogs are very special members of the pack. Ever waiting, ever giving, they are a joy of life. This poem is for them. Their website is at: http://siraengus.wordpress.com


Aengus and Baxter take time to smell the roses!

I have waited all day,
Patiently, in the house.
The sounds outside interesting,
Though some of them strange.
I have lifted my head
Listening to sidewalk footsteps.
I thought it might be you,
They were not.
Twice I wandered to the yard,
Feeling the grass tickling,
Smelling the flowers and dew.
All the loose things lying about,
I picked them up and
Move them, several times.
I ate or drank when I wanted,
Though I did not have a hunger.
The phone rang four times,
I did not answer it.
My only interest is you,
You complete my day,
For you I live and long.
The neighbor cat visited.
It walked the window ledge,
Peering in at me,
But it has no motivation,
It’s just a stupid cat.
The radio has been on,
At least there are voices.
The clock inside me is ringing,
I know that you will be here,
The thought of you makes me quiver,
Then I hear the key in the door,
I hear the rustle of your clothes,
Your scent fills my lungs.
And there you are.
I am so happy I could burst.
You reach for me,
Take my face in your hands,
Saying, “Hey boy, how was your day.”
It is good now,
You are home.

©2011, Donald Harbour

8 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. “My only interest is you”. That surely does fit a dog, doesn’t it? I’ve had cats — a couple who only regarded me as a bit of scenery except when they wanted me to feed them, and another who continually saw me as a giant, brown throw-pillow made out of flesh. Gotta love the pack animal, eh? Nicely done in reflecting the mind and POV of your dogs.



  2. Aengus and Baxter are both Buddhist dogs. Every morning we meditate together and watch the sun rise. I am aware that dogs do not communicate in the sense that we humans communicate. However when I look in their eyes often they say more to me than most humans do in a day of conversation. Humans have forgotten how to listen. Thanks Cyn for the comment.


  3. Donald, I believe you have captured what a dog feels when his or her owner is not home. My husband told me dogs have no sense of time. My dogs react the same joyous way, whether I have been gone 5 minutes or 3 hours. Your dogs are gorgeous. Nice write.



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