Write here, now

A simple thing, morning,
The dawn peeks across the horizon,
Purple, orange and grey hued.
Morning clears its throat,
Spitting out the new day,
Its smell carried on a breeze,
Fresh rose scented, moist,
Kissing the open window screen.
Sounds begin to drift in,
The daylight’s foundations:
A baby cries, dogs bark,
An alarm clock speaks, then
A plaintive, “Get up, get up!”
There on my desk,
A cup of coffee steams,
Vapor tails course the air,
I have started my engine,
Waiting for takeoff time.
On the magic carpet monitor,
A poetry blog flickers to life,
Its pixelated prompt challenge,
“Write here, now,” it says.
A simple thing, yet,
There I sit in my underwear,
My left shoulder hurts,
The lower back throbs,
The right knee aches,
The gym free weights call.
My mouth tastes metallic,
Awakening’s first warning savored
I feel anxious…no, I feel compelled.
The table top is strewn with interests,
Pencils, pens, paper, pastel chalk,
An unfinished paper on alien abductions,
Snakes of computer wires writhe,
Books press backs against the wall,
A work area scattered with bills.
They too are simple things, but
Each screams to be noticed,
Demanding,  “write here, immortalize me!”
I am conflicted by choices, responsibilities,
However, they will have to wait,
My bladder has arrived in the “now!”

©2011, Donald Harbour

10 thoughts on “Write here, now

  1. The underwear got me. Then it’s smiles all the way. Dramatic. I too write in my pjs, and yea I’m writing most mornings.


  2. I wish I could do what you have done, which is to literally take us through write here, now. I tried and have done before and end up with a mess. So I appreciate seeing the details of those able to accomplish what you have. And the poem made me smile.


  3. Well played, this poem. (Played in the sense of playfulness.) And imminently practical too. One (mind I did say, one) perfect meeting of mind and reality. One I also know (when my best other “votes” no longer count). The prompt title, a not so subtle disguise on the old “be here now” phrase was dutifully illustrated here, taking exactly what each moment’s observation had to present. What-is don’t really need to go any where other than where it already is. Nicely observed and rendered here. And it makes me smile! Thanks Donald.


  4. well done Donald……nude painting and writing for this guy….never woried about splashing my designer clothes…..take care


  5. Donald, love how this unfolded, all the details – and then when you got to “lower back throbs” I was with you, really identifying and just along for the ride. It’s very here and now and real. Thanks.



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