Push back the night

The first line of this poem inspired by the last line of a previous sonnet “Thou Art a Strumpet Fair”.


Thy kiss to seal heart’s dalliance there,
Oh maiden with locks of golden hair.
Where first your want, thus did I espy,
Within the depths of thine violet eyes,
Canst thou not be charmed nor pleased
As flowers kissed by a summer breeze;
Where heady nectar drips from crimson lips
That only a honey bee of love dares to sip?
Thus stung as a dagger pierce’th mine heart
With an enchanted poison pointed Cupid dart.
Lay down I now in death’s shallow musty grave,
A broken ragged beggarly tarnished knave.
Mine blood gone cold didst cease to flow
While thy cheeks burned with a passion glow.
Bring back my soul from this bottomless abyss
Push back the night with  thy lover’s kiss.

© 2010, Donald Harbour

5 thoughts on “Push back the night

  1. Donald a wonderful sonnet. You make it look so easy,
    (which I know is not true). Wishing you a happy
    New Year. What time is dinner, again?


  2. Ahem, very courtly. I like how the last line circles back to the first.

    Penultimate day of 2010. Peace and blessings for 2011, Donald. Say cheese!


  3. Is spring in the air? Or just romance? Valentine’s Day is lingering but perhaps it is something in the rain bringing this one to the surface, eh? Well done, Donald! However it came, it is a delightful read with excellent use of language and rhythm. I think I’ll go read it again. May the New Year bring you beauty, romance, and good health! ~Brenda


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