Of things possessed

i am not possessed of possessions
things in transition from one state
to becoming something other than they are
every pot and pan each book and tablet
a garden and home all transitory
even the thread that binds a shirt
changing neither a possession nor
possessed not owned allowed
this mind that writes these words
changing what was thought possessed
now gone replaced the words on loan
we are all things that ever were
what we will become is never kept
the only real thing that can be possessed
is this moment this second of time
this hand tick on the eternal clock
things do not belong to us as we do not
belong to ourselves we are part of everything

©2010, Donald Harbour

2 thoughts on “Of things possessed

  1. Just don’t touch my stuff!! :0) Sorry for the humour, Donald; it just popped into my head! What you say is true, of course, but a great many don’t see it in those terms, especially those who have lost all (and often so very little) that they possess. These things we gather around us, whether humble or ostentatious, give us a place, a sense of who we are, at least for a time. Recognising that it is all transitory is the real possession.


  2. Derrick, thanks for the comment, I like the humor. I also like your comment. In 2005 my house with all the pictures of my deceased parents, my children and 62 years of life was destroyed by fire. It gives one a new perspective. I realize I have become a little bit cynical in the past few years however looking in the mirror past the reflection does that. I do truly value your observations. Thank you.


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