The curtain of déjà vu

There is a reflection
which only occurs at special
moments, when the eye and
mind play catchup. One sees,
the other late in knowing.
That split second, that
sparkling bit of time
when we feel as if we
have been here before.
The chilling realization
that we have perceived
life as it is set in motion.
It is a wrinkle in the fabric
that binds fate and awareness.
A faithful step off the curb
into traffic without being
hit or carried away on
the bumper of our destiny.
The thrill of anticipation
clings to memory, toying
with the placement of
that which is merely apparent.
We have experienced the
creation of time. Life’s mirror
turned in upon itself. It is
a cunning insertion, a nano
second of being, handed to us
through the curtain of déjà vu.

Copyright: 2010, Donald Harbour

6 thoughts on “The curtain of déjà vu

  1. handed to us through the curtain of deja vu – A lovely poem with some striking imagery and finely crafted words that lift the veil and display the bones.


  2. Loved the ideas put forth here, and certain phrases really jumped at me, like, “A wrinkle in the fabric” and “Carried away on the bumper that is our destiny”. (PS – I think destiny is hogwash!)


  3. You might have forgotten this one, Donald, but I bookmarked it as a ‘Like’ and occasionally reread it. Have just done so again. And liked it again. It has a satisfying feeling of ruminating on certain mysteries, and leaves me chewing the cud.


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