I’m here for Carolee’s new tat

Returning as a baggaged castaway
from a far off desert scene,
I caught the scent of rotten fish,
the smell of seafood turning green.
I put on my flip flops anyway,
poured a Mia Tia tall glass cooler.
Trying to a pull a stolen day off,
a semi-adult Farris Buller.
Booting up the old cpu
I deemed to catch up 30 days events.
Then clicking the trusty search engine Bing,
To my favorite site ReadWritePoem I went.
You know, there are times when
the cosmos conspires an orgy of death,
when things pass from living,
without the slightest notice of bequeath.
Like a sparrow snatched with an unseen hand,
taken from the tranquility of life.
Or an arm lost during a pentathol dream
to a surgeons saw and stainless steel knife.
ReadWritePoem.com had inflicted a wound
the worse franchise taken of a poet,
a goodbye, so long, adios, we quit,
I felt as others must; I was the last to know it.
So much given and so much taken,
the lines read in a burning red haze.
The joy of answering the weekly prompt,
repartee with fellow poets..gone, I was dazed.
Disappointed, dejected, “damn it all”,
I thought with a squinty demonic eye.
So I sent off an email to RWP’s Deb Scott
with the questions what happened and why?
Was there trouble at the rancho?
Had all the lettuce pickers deserted the farm?
Had moldering literary hay caught fire?
Had the poet animals died in the RWP barn?
Were Oregon and Washington States
finally separated from the US of A,
as geology fault line prognosticators tell us
will happen some bright unsuspecting day?
No, none of that was the plaintive reply.
What is, is because that’s the way it must be.
It had run its course and sacked the strength
from all the admins of our dauntless RWP.
Then she made a suggestion of a place to go
where I might find comfort in my misery.
A place where like minded suffers wash ashore,
poem starved in tank tops, bikini bottoms and tees.
The site is http://writersisland.wordpress.com
isolated in the sea of the cyber internet.
A tropical paradise for wordsmiths to beach,
inviting to newcomers and those you have met.
Okay, now that I’m there I feel better
recognizing each former RWP member in the surf.
There’s Barbara, Deb, Andy and Angie,
Julie, Irene, and bearded Rob smiling with mirth.
I like it….hey Pamela and Marianne
and all you guys with names and no face.
Let’s pour another Mia Tia and toast ’cause
here’s Carolee with tat in a most interesting place.
Yes it is like old times once again
although most of the RWP gang are not here.
I guess we’ll just have to do the best we can do
and see if Writer’s Island makes it this year.

Copyright: 2010, “I wouldn’t claim this with your name.”

9 thoughts on “I’m here for Carolee’s new tat

  1. thank goodness one of my napowrimo poems was about my tattoo! i’d hate to think someone beat me to writing about my own tattoo.

    sorry the end of RWP came as a surprise and all at once to you — even those of us who’ve had time to adjust are a bit mopey.

    but yes: there are a few new places to play. we’ll all be OK!


  2. Such a lovely introduction for those of us who have not read your work before…so well to wordpress…you’ll find some real magic here I’m sure. 🙂


  3. Great piece Donald, really enjoyed it — effectively involved multiple senses, and engaged the imagination… 😉

    It was a bummer that the old RWP went down in a mysterious storm, but other sites have risen in the cyber-sea. Writer’s Island has sailed back from over the horizon and that bermuda triangle thing — and Carolee, Deb, and Jill have run off and started a circus under the Big Tent. If you get lost trying to find it, there is a direct link on Writer’s Island.

    So, from the one there comes the more-than-one — so it’s all good… 😉


  4. I was a late lurker at ReadWritePoem. Used and abused the prompts but didn’t seriously particpate in nanowrimo. I’m a newbie to Writers island but I will try to keep up 🙂


  5. I’m buoyed by the poet’s spirit, dauntless here!

    Sad farewell, indeed, but seems there’s hope to match the need.


  6. Poor you! The rest of us have had a month to begin absorbing, going through all the stages of denial and anger and (whatever the rest are).
    Good to see you’re on the island, too.


  7. Donald, I was away from mid-March and so I didn’t know that you were too. Good to see you on the Island after the RWP went down. Hopefully we can keep current options going for a good long while, no?


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