They call her Big Momma

Big Mamma shows her tat!

She had a red rocket
between her legs spewing
sparks and fire and smoke.
She wore tight leather pants
that contained her bulging
cheeks and hips and thighs.
Her breasts pressed into
his back holding on with nipples
hard and large and plastic.
A motorcycle momma living
the moment riding high
buzzed and boozed and aging.
When the rocket ran out of gas
she slide off her perch
grimy and sagging and tired.
You know they all had her,
satisfied that she could ride a
rocket and chopper and big hog.
She doesn’t wear leather now
her muffin top hangs out
stretch marked and white and fat.
They still come around calling her
Big Momma but there is no ride only
longing for sparks and cheeks and booze.

Copyright: 2010, Donald Harbour

14 thoughts on “They call her Big Momma

  1. Wow…this is quite visceral and sad…but done so very well…
    Your descriptions like, “buzzed and boozed and aging” going quickly into, “grimy and sagging and tired” really painted a 3-D picture for me.


  2. Donald, this is certainly outside the realm of expectation! 😉

    She doesn’t wear leather now
    her muffin top hangs out
    stretch marked and white and fat.

    Now there is an image of Truth. Great evocation of another world that still impinges significantly on the illusive, fictive Universal.


  3. Oh my, you captured her perfectly for haven’t we all seen her over and over and over…..riding behind her beer-bellied Bad-ass wannabe? 😉


  4. Poor gal – she was probably a muffin top as a teenager – I see lots of them. Riding bikes with motors is not exactly exercise. Now do one about her beer-bellied bad boy biker friend!


  5. what a sweatheart Don…she lived just South of Seattle…remember her like it was somewhere beyond yesterday…thanks for sharing this Donald….cheers


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