Developing mad cow mentality

My jaws are tired of chewing
the fat and gristle of lies.
The denominator of civil thought,
consequences confounded by opinion.
The meat of the world sliced
into mind choking proportion.
Groups of organized conflagrations
screaming their venom.
They are totally oblivious
of the destructive choice made.
The Russ Limbaugh putrid rotting,
of the soul and heart of a nation.
Pitiless distortion of humanity
all for the god forsaken dollar.
The scripted spewing: “Listen to me,
I know what I am talking about!”
Contaminating the social fabric,
the pristine democracy of America.
The masses of cattle, swallowing manure
developing mad cow mentality, elected
intellects of freedom exercising
a distorted party line propaganda.
All this, all that is at stake,
all that can be taken and never forgiven,
for a fruitless insanity way of life.
The me, mine, not yours, selfishness,
condemnation of human dignity,
blurred by thoughtless obedience
to religion, political craftiness,
the splurging, and purging pious thinking.
The rabid radical right beliefs are
contrite willful destruction of the good,
without consideration or contemplation
of that shining city upon a hill.

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour

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