Lost in a symphony of life

Quietly the conductor reads
the daybreak sonata.
A willow trees outstretched
branches, a bough the baton.
Softly the adagio begins,
fluttering leaves breath
glissando into a morning aire.
Twittering piccolos herald
a flight of squeaking doves.
The stage lite by the warm
glow of dawn’s candlelight.
The score is set, with the
crystal clear ring of chime.
All creation rises to meet
itself in a chorus of black
winged french horns over the
rhythm of the earths thundering
tympani. I am lost in a
rondeau wilderness of life,
a music of heart beats,
metronome to the crescendo
of a sustained finale.
A subtle eclogue passage to night.

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour

1 thought on “Lost in a symphony of life

  1. another good one Donald…..and thanks for the greetings…MOJITO..and Coltrane…I had a mojito opr 2 on my BD…now for next trip to Cuba!!!!


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