Sed nomini tuo da gloriam

Knight Templar

Knight Templar

The sky did cast an evil spell,
‘Neath rolling clouds brewed of hell.
A group of horsemen road that night,
Ghost shadows framed by flashing light.
Over ground of stone raced the steeds,
To slaughter a coven before it seeds.
The Sword of Righteousness thus descend,
Held in the hands of heart’s purist men.
They stopped upon a high rocky knoll,
Where protected was a earthen valley bowl.
Ghouls, goblins, witches danced far below,
All alight by a flaming pentagram glow.
The riders cast off capes to better fight,
Knights Templar surcoated black over white.
Sworn with life blood to protect the weak,
To purge the devil they were charged to seek.
From scabbards hung on chain mail waists,
Steel rang drawn by men pledged and chaste.
Down the slope rode they with ne’er a cry,
Not caring their fate to live or to die.
Into the midst of Satan’s unholy scene,
The swords hissed and evil demons screamed.
The Templars hacked and severed heads,
Witches died as cloven hoof goblins bled.
Battle horses stomped beneath iron shod feet,
The devil’s offspring into bloody meat.
Demon spirits that tried to turn the quest,
Fell to the red cross on each knights chest.
The smell of brim stone scented the night,
As leather winged ragged souls took to flight.
Alone at last in the rock strewn malodorous dell,
Seven knights stood straight where none had fell.
Then knelling with crossed swords held high,
Their eyes turned to the now clearing starlit sky.
The Templars voiced in victory a prayer imperium,
“Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!”

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour

1 thought on “Sed nomini tuo da gloriam

  1. Mr. Harbour, you certainly have captured the time and place. But you also have portrayed the exact feelings of men who fear but one…God. Thank you.

    Peter Frank Zammetti
    US Army


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