The day’s possibilities

"Awakening" photographic art by Donald Harbour

"Awakening" photographic art by Donald Harbour

Light is filtering
Over the hills,
Spilling upward
the gesticulation of day.
A fanfare of birds,
the symphonic twitters
of flutes and piccolos,
an adagio movement
leading to the crescendo
of the approaching sun.
There is gentle whispering,
lilac scented breath,
awakening the willow
in sensual yawning.
Life rustles the sheets
of a velvet night’s
star clustered coverlet,
laid reverently ‘neath
an azure blue comforter.
What magic, what glorious,
wondrous magic.
The wand of Mother Nature
touches the soul of living,
claims the spirit to the tide of time
and the endless song of the universe.
Dawn, that one complete moment
when every part of creation
opens its eyes
to the possibilities
of a new day.

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour

7 thoughts on “The day’s possibilities

  1. for sure every day has many possiibilities….even if you do go back to bed…..great photo….reminds me of a couple of my paintings…nicely written


  2. your eye for photography is a sublime compliment to this illuminating piece. the form plays well and your concise language brought me into the words. enjoyed.


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