This day of limits

A Moment of Passion - graphic art by Donald Harbour

A Moment of Passion - graphic art by Donald Harbour

We don’t talk much.
The hours, days, weeks,
Time speaks for us.
Stitches in the fabric
Woven by indifference.
Though we have loved,
The weight of life,
Bears the burden now.
This waltz we dance,
Where flesh never touches,
Where the heart’s feet feel not
The pieces of shattered shards.
Were we really only reflections
Or did we just exist, together?
You will frame your answer
But there is no sense to the words.
There is complaint in the passion,
That wheedling, nagging, binding,
Coldness where once was warmth.
The chemistry of age
Gave us this day of limits.
And, we know not where or why,
We wandered into it, together.

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour

2 thoughts on “This day of limits

  1. Powerful stuff. Eloquent exhaustion and ennui permeate the words, but there is still a bond there, in the history and in the background . . . Do I deceive myself in seeing a tiny hint of hope (or at least hopeful acceptance) in the final line?


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