The lass of another year

"Spring Alive" - graphic art by Donald Harbour

"Spring Alive" - graphic art by Donald Harbour

The last bit of frost
visited this morning.
Winter’s child grasping
at Spring’s new issues.
There is a calamity
in the air and the dawn.
The seasonal titans
playing rocks and scissors.
The sky is darkened
by their incessant indecision.
But, the earth knows
awakening with a yawn.
Birds have stirred
to the parade of earthworms.
Ants are seen to muster
armies for future picnics.
Growth elbows and pushes
for a moments basking.
Slowly, inextricably
we tilt toward summer.
A smooth passage across
a sea of blossomed pastures.
The joy of life skips,
dances into the heart.
The lass of another year
is wearing her pinafore frock.

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour

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