Once giants roamed

Eons in the past giants roamed,
Walked the fields and waded oceans.
Great stump legged hulking creatures
They drank from water falls,
Opened gaping maws to eat dirt.
When they fought the ground shook,
When they fell valleys formed.
Clouds rose from their pipe smoke.
Mother Earth became alarmed,
Nature was at the giant’ mercy.
So she called all the birds together,
Giving each one a song to sing.
A lullaby so the giants would sleep.
Flying to the four corners of the planet,
The birds chirped, cooed, shrilled, sang.
The giants lay down in slumber,
Each day at sunrise the birds began to sing,
The spell cast, the giants slumbered.
As the giants lay down they changed.
Over time trees and moss began to grow,
A green covering from head to toe.
They are still there sleeping, waiting,
For the birds to cease their song.
When storms rake the land and lightning flashes,
Seeking shelter the birds are silent.
Ever so slightly the giants begin to awaken.
Thunder is the sound of their snoring,
Their call to one another, but then,
The skies clear, the birds sing, giants sleep.
You can see the giants, walk upon them,
Tweak their noses feeling their cool breath.
They are there, they are why we have mountains.

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour

1 thought on “Once giants roamed

  1. the Chumash say giants lived here before we did; they called them the mumula–at least that’s how the word sounded to my ears…i wrote about them recently on my blog “to heal the earth sing songs”

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