Duz ya’ll nee’s me

This poem is phonetically written in dialect. Acronyms and initialisms at end of poem.


Duz ya’ll nee’s me
When de col’ win’ blow,
When da nigh’ come early,
An’ da dawn come slow?

Duz ya’ll nee’s me,
When da folks havin’ fun,
An’ da only sad heart,
Bez mah huney bun?

Duz ya’ll nee’s me
When yo back star’s ta itch,
When yo sick an’ tard,
An’ der ain’t a body ta fetch?

Duz ya’ll nee’s me,
W’en de stranger at da do’r,
An’ yo knees bez a shakin’
An’ yo cud craw’ t’ru de flo?

Duz ya’ll nee’s me
Fo’ a babe in de hom’?
When yo gits de blu’s,
An’ yo bez bad alon’?

Duz ya’ll nee’s me,
When de vi’tals bez low,
When yo ain’t gots a penny
Ta go ta da stor’?

Duz ya’ll nee’s me
Duz yo luv’s me o’ not?
Ah giv’s you all dat ut’er stuff,
But dat ans’er I ain’t got.

Copyright: 2009, Donald Harbour

Acronyms and initialisms of dialect: duz – do, nee’s
– needs, da – the, an’ – and, bez – be, col’ – cold, win’ – wind, nigh’ – night, tard – tired, mah – my, star’s – starts, ta – to, w’en – when, der – there, do’r – door, cud – could, craw’ – crawl, t’ru – thru, flo – floor, fo’ – for, de – the, hom’ – home, yo – you, vi’tals – victuals, ta – to, stor’ – store, luv’s – love, o’ – or, ah – I, giv’s – gives, dat – that, ut’er – other, ans’er – answer.

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