Yesterday Forever

Halcyon days have past and gone, to where
I know not, I only know that they were there.
Sunlit the days with fields of fragrant grass,
These soon to vanish into memory’s foggy past.
Days with sunsets of pure golden warming light
That heralded ascent into the coming night.
Cicadas courted in thunderous musical airs,
While Dragon Flys darted, dancing in mating pairs.
The birds chirped a twittered quieting settle,
Frogs and crickets then joined their nightly battle.
There was a peace that would far remove the spirit
To a contented place when one stopped, to hear it.
Lightning bugs pulsed flickering points of insect stars
Salving the aching pain of life’s trials and many scars.
The heart was full with a closeness to Mother Earth,
The soil of the land, the flowing rivers of our birth.
No one spoke, no one moved, waiting to know if it could be:
Would the setting sun sizzle as it touched the western sea?
Inside this shell of a being regrets are thus imprinted
Tugging at my mind with those things I have repented.
Silently a twilight breeze would lift the elm tree leaves.
Gently sighing, whispering for more time it grieves.
Thus, life sails a voyage to a place called Return Never,
A place of the long sleep in dreams of yesterday forever.

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour

2 thoughts on “Yesterday Forever

  1. I love how grounded this is in natural observations — sound and sight. It reminds me of the summer days I spent as a child, wandering the fields and woods of our family farm.


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