The Worm

Insidious little crawler,
Poking your snout into my ear,
Envading cherished beliefs,
Close held through living years.

Insidious little crawler,
Insessant words of doubt,
Burrow into my conciousness,
Until your truth is found out.

Insidious little crawler,
Small mouthed you whisper ryhme,
Eating away my safe veneer,
A defence weathered gray by time.

Insidious little crawler,
Lying in wait for me at night,
Tying down my escaping mind,
When lofty dreams take flight.

Insidious little crawler,
I spade your earthen home,
Turning compost of rotted hours,
Finding beneath a fertile loam.

Insidious little crawler,
You are the bait I often wish,
Casting line into the pool of Id,
For understanding the past I fish.

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour


One thought on “The Worm

  1. Yes, I do like this. The refrain is wonderful. You have a real talent for rhyme. Have you read much Blake? This reminds me a little of William Blake’s work.


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