I am taken away,
Swept into a never land,
Riding a mountain crest,
Gently carried by a sea.
As a dreamer wishes to remain,
I long to stay forever,
To capture this moment,
Finding eternal peace within.
This journey so divine,
Footfall treads steps of gold,
I am feather light,
Afloat through heaven’s realm.
What is this magical sensation,
This honey nectar I drink,
Elation, yearning, desire,
Engulfed in a vision of creation.
Held by seraph and cherub,
Music swells my beating heart,
A roaring rapid fills my being,
I am struck dumb unable to speak.
Yet I am awake,
Sleep walking through consciousness,
A lifetime of serendipity,
When I watch you.

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour

4 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Wow, a gorgeous love poem, one many lovers would be happy to receive. I lke how you ended the poem with the line from Clifton’s poem, leading the reader through a series of uplifting emotions and images. Nice! Now, if you find your rainbow, let me know.


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