Life Together

The day is beautiful!
Birds have come alive with song,
The trees are beginning to blossom,
They have no idea it is still winter,
And spring is a month away.
That is how I see you,
A beautiful day,
Full of promise,
Offering a gentle breeze,
As you pass through the hours of this life.
I am grateful that another year has passed for us,
It is another year I have been privileged to live,
With you and to love you.
What a glorious adventure of life to celebrate.
How empty this existence would be without you,
So I mark this passage of time as years to come.
I don’t count the year as a thing lost,
But rather,
Future gained.
It is said that a fine young wine has a bite,
It does not know yet that it is wine,
While grapes gathered and allowed to age,
Improve to become a rich treasure,
A mellow pleasure to taste,
A joy to the spirit.
It is true!
You are better than you ever were.
The pleasure you give to those around you,
Is a testament to how time can mature a person,
Increase grace and kindness to others.
In our early years,
We know not on what solid ground we stand,
Until we stop for a moment,
Feeling that beneath our feet,
Our passage has created the granite,
Upon which meaning is given to each ones life.
So I celebrate what our time together has given to us,
I celebrate not that you and I are older,
That I have been allowed to walk,
Hand in hand down this path of life with you.
I celebrate that you and I,
Will enjoy the treasures of life together,
And the pleasure of each moment to come.

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour

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