If I Were

If I were a day of gray,
Streaked with cold and wind,
I would give the earth Spring rain,
So flowers would bloom again.

If I were a gypsy rover,
Dressed in a flowered silken shirt,
I would have strong sinewed arms,
To shield the weak from hurt.

If I were a blue bird,
Chirping on a willow branch,
I would sing a song of happiness,
To lighten each heart perchance.

If I were the one you loved,
I would wear a broad sunshine smile,
Gladly shouldering your lifes burdens,
Along our journey’s rocky miles.

If I were your mate forever time,
In a castle of purest light,
I would change your darkest dream,
To banish your nightmare fright.

If only I had the power,
To make ‘ifs’ come true.
I would bind your heart with chains of gold,
And give my eternal love to you.

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour

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