I am not your captain,
Nor am I your pilot,
I am your companion.
Each step we take,
Each brief respite,
Along this journey is a gift.
I cannot shield you,
From lifes many pains,
Nor, from those around you.
If I could take your burden,
I would shoulder it gladly.
Then how would you grow?
How would you know the weight?
How would you learned to carry it?
Todays steps are practice,
For tomorrows challenges.
Take my hand,
Let us walk together awhile.
I will help you find your path,
Then watch you for a moment.
Your journey has just begun,
A little further along,
Mine is ending.
Do not look back, remember.
Carry my thought and love in your heart.
My form may not be there,
But know I am with you.
That is the way things should be.
This is your time,
This is your marvelous adventure.

Copyright: 2008 Donald Harbour

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