For Her

When she first came into view,
The movement of Creation stopped,
The air around her was jasmine,
Warmed by her passage through it,
In that moment there was no meaning,
Except for her.

I stood hardly able to breath,
Frozen in place dumbfounded,
A stump void of any ability,
A comic book cartoon turned to stone.
A juggler without reason or thought,
Except for her.

For one split second,
Her eyes pierced my heart,
Warm brown chestnut eyes.
She spoke with them.
A guarded recognition of the present,
An aspiration of tomorrow,
A vibrant knowing for the feeling of life.
Eyes that sparkled with flecks of gold,
There was no longer light in the world.
Except for her.

And then – ahh then, she smiled.
All the Universe sang her music,
Deafening any words I might speak,
Though I could not utter a sound.
Every song ever written ceased to exist,
Except for her.

The Gods must have gifted this world,
For she is the perfection of Their art.
I lived an immaculate existence for one brief moment,
She allowed me to glimpse the magic of her enchantment,
That is mine to cherish forever,
Because of her.

Copyright: 2008 Donald Harbour

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